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Entering retirement should be a time of rebirth... a time of life to gather up and pursue the fragments of interests and tasks that had to fall by the wayside due to lack of time and energy because there wasn't enough left over at the end of each working day.

Now that retirement is here, I can even better understand why we didn't find the time for many interests and activities while we were in the midst of our careers. We still have trouble fitting everything into each busy day!

One of our goals for retirement is to travel more, and especially to see more of this wonderful country, right up close... the way you can see it only when driving on its streets and highways. When vacation time was a narrow constraint, it made more sense to fly to a desired destination so we could spend more time there, and then fly back and get back to work. Now, it is a joy to take those extra days and see many places along the way.

"Cars" shows our primary vehicles. One, our urban hauler, Scion xB that gets great fuel mileage in city driving and a configuration ideal for hauling stuff around. The other is our Lincoln LS travel vehicle, a wonderful driving machine providing ample space and quiet comfort for the long haul.

The other links show many places we have visited, mostly via our Lincoln LS, but occasionally by plane when the destination or circumstances dictated.

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