My Pianos


Mason & Hamlin AA (6'-2") Grand Piano -- Built in 1913 Fully Restored in 1974 and Internals Rebuilt in 1995

I may not be worthy of this magnificent instrument, but it certainly is an inspiration to dedicate myself to becoming a better musician.

Yamaha P-90 Electronic Stage Piano (28 Feb 05)

I recently replaced my old (1993) Yamaha Clavinova CL-360 with this much more convenient and versatile P-90 stage piano (Yamaha P-90). I have a MIDI-connected external Disk Orchestra Module that adds 100 more voices of great variety. Sometimes it is fun to play around with the various instrument voices, but my main use of the P-90 is to play it with my head phones on while practicing exercises and new pieces that I can't play yet, allowing me to spare others in the house the drudgery of the 'practice trenches'.

Being a MIDI instrument, however, I can record MIDI sequences as I play, and computer software can generate printed music from what I played. That is a nice capability to have.

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