About Us


         René and Anna LeBlanc

We met in Elgin, Illinois and were married in August, 1965. We're still just as happy about it as we were then.

This picture was taken while we were on an Elder Hostel trip in Querétaro, Mexico in April, 2004.

Since René's retirement in 2000 we have done more traveling. We especially like to  travel by automobile and see the many things along the way that we don't encounter when flying. We bought our 2000 Lincoln LS V8 Sport sedan with long distance driving trips in mind, and it has not been a disappointment. It is quiet and comfortable but still handles like a sports car. It is fun to drive.

We each exercise six mornings a week, using simple equipment that we can use at home, but still provides a well balanced routine that we established with a physical trainer we worked with at a fitness center for several months. In addition to that, Anna goes to Tai Chi classes and the fitness center at Scottsdale Community College. René plays table tennis, usually four days per week, and he is a member of the Phoenix Table Tennis Club.

Anna is a genealogy fan and does a lot of research online and at the Mormon libraries. We incorporate genealogy research in many of our trips and visit a lot of old cemeteries, libraries, and historical centers in various amazingly widespread little towns.

René has played jazz piano since his early teen years, but until now never took the time to study the instrument as seriously as he desired. Now, he is taking lessons and learning to play classical music too. (Better late than never!)


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